Don’t Forget About Klay

When defenses are forced to worry about marquee threats like Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant, it’s easy to forget that the Golden State Warriors actually carry three WMDs. On December 5th, the Indiana Pacers were rudely reminded of what the sometimes forgotten member of the high powered offense is capable of.

Klay Thompson scored an absurd 60 points in just three quarters of play. In fact, Klay put up 60 points in less than 30 minutes!


To anyone following the Warriors, the offensive outburst by Thompson wasn’t unprecedented. Last season, he scored 37 points in a single quarter. He also hit 11 three pointers in Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals against the Thunder. Thompson has been known to put up big numbers in a hurry but his explosion against Indiana was something else. If the game were close, and he was forced to play the 4th quarter, one can only speculate on the point total Thompson could have ended up with. When hot, Klay may be the deadliest shooter in the NBA. Although it’s hard to comprehend, the addition of Kevin Durant has actually made this offense more dangerous than ever before. If you’re in Golden State’s way, watch out.