Former NFL Player Gives Needy Children Christmas Shopping Spree

Retirement hasn’t stopped a former star wide receiver from spreading copious amounts of holiday cheer. On December 7th, Andre Johnson dropped nearly $20,000 when he sponsored a shopping spree for a dozen kids in need at a Houston Toys R Us.

To anyone following Johnson, this immensely generous act is nothing new. This is the 9th time the former Texans receiver has made the holiday season a bit brighter for a dozen children in need of some help.


The kids get 80 seconds to choose as many gifts as they can. The kids go to the store in advance to get an idea of which gifts they value over others. When time begins, they run frantically through the store, getting holiday goodies of all shapes and sizes.


The day ends with Johnson posing for a picture, displaying the novel-like receipt. It’s become one of the best holiday traditions that we are happy hasn’t ended even though Johnson’s impressive career has.