LeBron and Company Play Water Bottle Game To Pass Time in Blowout

Sure, the Cleveland Cavaliers dominated the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden on December 7th. That’s a non-story. The real story happened with under a minute left in the game, with the Cavs up 123-94.

How is LeBron James, reigning NBA Finals MVP and greatest living basketball player, supposed to pass the time during a blowout? Watch the garbage-time action and take notes on how the subs are playing? Of course not! LeBron, Richard Jefferson, Kyrie Irving and a few other Cavaliers starters sat towards the end of the bench and played the water bottle flip challenge while the game was in action. The camera crew caught the players goofing around and the internet is going wild.


Unfortunately, LeBron failed at flipping the bottle and getting it to land right-side up. When you dominant basketball games night in and night out, you’re bound to fail at something. Hopefully the next time the two teams play, the Knicks can keep the Cavaliers interested for the whole 48-minute game. Otherwise, LeBron and company may break out a mannequin challenge before time expires.