Pokemon Go Announces Updates, Attempts to Lure Users Back In

If you’re one of the 25 people who are still playing Pokemon Go, we have some good news for you! Beginning on December 12th, users will have the opportunity of catching brand new rare Pokemon.

Although no specific number of new monsters to capture have been released, big names like Pichu, Togepi and others are expected to be available. Unfortunately, players will only be able to capture these new creatures by acquiring and hatching eggs from pokestops. Developers also announced that beginning on the 12th until December 29th, Pokemon Go will be home to a “special edition” version of Pikachu, the game’s most recognizable monster.


The news is a calculated effort by Niantic, the company currently running the mobile game, to reignite users’ interest. Niantic also announced that Sprint stores will be turned into gyms and pokestops, and other limited-time events. If you’re interest in the Pokemon craze has been waning, now is the time to dive back in! After all, they won’t catch themselves.