Will Ferrell to Star in New Film About Competitive Gaming

As time passes, it’s nice to know that some things will always be constant. The New England Patriots will make the playoffs. The Simpsons will never be cancelled. And Will Ferrell will be making movies about man-children participating in strange sports.

On December 6th, reports surfaced that that the comedian will be starring in an upcoming film about the world of competitive gaming. The movie will center around Ferrell as an aging member of an eSports team. It will reportedly be similar to Ferrell’s NASCAR comedy, “Talladega Nights.” We are also expecting it to be in a similar vein to “Blades of Glory” and “Step Brothers,” as well.


Although it hasn’t been confirmed, we are holding out hope that the new comedy will have a spot for John C. Reilly. Since no other costars have been announced, there’s always a chance. Although Ferrell isn’t as popular as he once was, his name and the backing of a major studio could make for a film with some solid laughs. No release date or title for the project have been released.